Product Developer & Technical Creative.

Vincent van Haaff is a passionate technical creative with nearly fifteen years of commercial experience and full-stack skills in the design, development and maintenance of modern, user centered data-driven products and services. I create engaging experiences for web, mobile, new media, and console and have a strong interest in performance, engagement, clean efficient code, smart systems architecture, and accomplishing it with a strong, polyglot team.

Language highlights include: Ruby, Golang, js, node.js, Swift, Python, and C.

Recent Work

Mix like a Pro

Innovative Travel Solutions

Smart, biometrics-enabled, automated border control solutions.

Illuminate Yaletown

Cutting edge video and lighting technology.

Microsoft XBox Kinect

Full body tracking controller for the XBox 360.

Graffiti Research Lab: Pwn The Wall

A 25 hour interactive digital graffiti event connecting Vancouver, Berlin, and Seoul.

Event management software for both planners and attendees.

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